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Programmable microprocessor ESCs for brushless, sensorless brushless motors designed using the latest semiconductor technology. They offer easy and clear programming with the transmitter and really simple and lightning-fast setup using the KAVAN R LED programming card (sold separately). They are used to control the speed of brushless electric motors in hobby model aircraft when powered by NiCd/NiMH and LiPo/Li-ion batteries. They are equipped with a linear power stabilizer BEC providing power to the receiver and servos from the drive battery.


  • Extremely low internal resistance thanks to a new generation of power MOSFET transistors.
  • Suitable for the vast majority of aircraft brushless motors powered by 3-6S LiPo/Li-ion batteries.
  • For power supply from NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, Li-ion batteries
  • Linear BEC 5.0 V with load capacity up to 7 A.
  • Adjustable timing for optimum adaptation to the motor.
  • Adjustable voltage protection - disconnecting the motor when the supply voltage drops.
  • Safe power-on (prevents the motor from starting when switched on).
  • Overload protection (when the temperature reaches 110°C, the ESC limits the power).
  • Automatic throttle cutoff when the control signal is lost.
  • Linear throttle control.
  • Easy programming and setup with the transmitter or LED programming card KAVAN R.
  • Calibrate the throttle range to perfectly match the control signal from your TX.


  • Programmable brake (Off - On).
  • Optional battery type (Li-poly or NiCd/NiMH).
  • Adjustable motor cutoff type when the supply voltage drops (power reduction or immediate disconnection).
  • Adjustable cut-off voltage for motor disconnection - voltage protection against over-discharge of batteries (Lithium batteries: 2.85 V/cell, 3.15 V/cell, 3.3 V/cell.NiXX batteries: 0%/50%/65% of initial voltage value.)
  • Adjustable soft start for motors with gearbox and helicopters in three stages: Normal (300 ms) / Soft (1.5 s) / Super Soft (3 s).


  • Start-up protection: If the motor does not start within 2 seconds after the throttle is applied, the ESC disconnects the motor.
  • Thermal protection: If the ESC temperature exceeds 110°C, the ESC will limit the output power.
  • Signal loss protection The ESC will limit power if the signal is absent for 1 s; a signal absent for more than 2 s will cause the motor to disconnect completely.

Tip: When the first time the regulator is switched on, first calibrate the throttle range according to the instructions. Only then can the ESC be used and other parameters set using the transmitter or the KAVAN R LED programming card.

Use: Airplane,helicopter ; Type: brushless ; Current rate [A]: 60 ; Max. peak current [A]: 80 ; ; LiXX cells: 3 - 6 ; BEC Voltage [V]: 5 ; BEC current [A]: 7 ; Lenght [mm]: 77 ; Width [mm]: 35 ; Height [mm]: 14 ; Weight [g]: 63 ; Regulation type: one-way ; Brzda: Yes ; Sensor input: No ; Programmable: Yes

Used forAeroplane,Helicopter
Constant current [A]60
Max. peak current [A]80
LiXX cells3 - 6
BEC voltage [V]5
BEC current [A]7
Length [mm]77
Width [mm]35
Height [mm]14
Weight [g]63
Sensor imputsNo
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ESC TypeBrushless
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